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I never knew blogging was so time-consuming when I started out 5 years ago.  I have learned a lot over the years and have learned new acronyms that I never thought I would know, like ROI, SEO, Evergreen.

Over the years I have used different tools to help me save time with blogging, publishing to social media and other maintenance bloggers have to do.  The best that I have come across that is affordable for a small blogger like me is ViralTag.

Some tools do Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but not Pinterest, or Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest but not Instagram.  I hate having to remember to schedule things in different apps or websites.  That’s where ViralTag is a LIFESAVER!  I can schedule Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Instagram all from one website!


I also have the Chrome extension so when I see a picture or website that I want to Pin or Share I can just hover and schedule!


The best feature yet is their Evergreen content.  I can choose to make a post Evergreen so it will post over and over again after a specified amount of time.  So for my Did You Know posts or Magical Quotes of the Day they are now uploaded and scheduled to run and I never have to touch them again!  It’s WONDERFUL!  That alone has saved me hours a month scheduling.

You can also create categories that you can then tell the program to only publish at certain times or days of the week.  It’s great!  So I have Evergreen posts for #TravelTuesday that will only post on Tuesday and will not repeat before 90 days.  I swear I’m hearing angels sing!!!!

You can make your own schedule and ViralTag also offers suggested times based on your engagement.  You can have one schedule for Facebook and a different one for Pinterest.  Pinterest also allows you to choose more than one board.



Have you tried ViralTag yet?  What are your thoughts?


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