Walt Disney World attractions lifestyle shoot. April 2013. Photographer: Cynthia Perez

Photographer: Cynthia Perez

Are you a homeschooling family that is always looking for a way to learn and have some family fun while doing it? Well, have I got a great opportunity for you! Destinations in Florida Travel has teamed up with Magical Mouse Schoolhouse and 3D Travel to bring you the Ultimate Field Trip!

The Ultimate Field Trip is a special Disney World vacation for with homeschooling families in mind. This event will take place September 27th thru 30th, 2016. This event is a perfect time for homeschooling families to enjoy magical meet ups and memory making, as well as get to know other families that are focused on homeschooling their children.

As a mom who has many friends who homeschool I understand the importance of meeting other parents who also homeschool.  You can ask questions, share your knowledge and even complain and have someone understand where  you’re coming from.   Plus, learning with Mickey at Disney always makes schooling more fun for everyone!

Here is the schedule of events:

September 27:  Day at Epcot
September 28:  Day at Magic Kingdom
September 29:  Day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
September 30:  Day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The registration cost for this event is $5. Once you book your travel and pay your registration, we will send you a link to sign up for the events. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this magical fun-filled, learning experience. Plus, you can choose to come for one day or the whole event. Hurry, the deadline is September 1st!