Travel For A Cause!


Whether you are on the PTA board, the local animal shelter or a kids local sports program we’re all usually asked to help with a fundraiser a few times a year.  We’re all tired of buying candy, wrapping paper or candles so I have a better one!  Everyone travels! Why not make money on this travel?  It is what I refer to as an FUNraiser.  You receive a donation on all booked travel that is referred from your organization.
Promoting this fundraiser is also simple. You can add a button or banner to your website, you can leave flyers in your office, you can add a blurb in your online newsletter, or a blurb in your print newsletter. I will provide you with all of the banners/buttons and full-color flyers to your network.
For any bookings referred from your organization, you will receive 2% of the package total as a donation back to your organization. My average travel package is $3500. That is a donation of $70 for just one booking!


Please email me at if you have any questions or would be interested in learning more about our fundraiser. I am also happy to provide any testimonials from our current fundraisers.


2% of the total vacation package price will be donated to one of the organizations below if you mention their name.

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