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Introducing an exclusive new taste from Coca-Cola and Universal Orlando Resort: Celebrity Fizz! It tastes like fun, adventure and sunshine—everything you love about Universal Orlando in a cup!

Launched by Coca-Cola to celebrate 25 years of #UniversalMoments, Celebrity Fizz will only be available until February 2016, so grab it before it’s gone! Some hawk-eyed park goers may have already spotted the unique Celebrity Fizz icon on Coca-Cola Freestyle machines throughout the park, but for those of you who haven’t, here are our top 5 reasons to splash some in your cup:

  1. Add a Little Glamour to Your Day
    The name says it all! Add some sparkle to your day by filling your Freestyle cup with the most exclusive drink in the parks. Pop on some shades, push the unique Celebrity Fizz button on any Coca-Cola Freestyle machine in park, and enjoy!

Ce;ebrity Fizz

  1. Variety is the Spice of Life
    The Celebrity Fizz flavor was created exclusively for Universal Orlando Resort. This delicious drink has a citrus burst of sparkling orange, followed by smooth and creamy vanilla, a flavor match made in heaven. Have it straight or mix it with other drinks for a taste that’s all your own.

Celebrity Fizz

  1. Relax, Recharge and Refresh
    Making #UniversalMoments can be thirsty work, but a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine is never far awayat Universal Orlando Resort. Ahhh!

Celebrity Fizz

  1. Be A Kid For A Day: The best thing about Universal Orlando Resort is that you can act like a kid again. One sip of Celebrity Fizz will transport you back to your childhood days of eating creamsicles and fresh orange wedges.

Celebrity Fizz

  1. Adventure Awaits: No matter how much we love Celebrity Fizz (and we really do love it) it won’t be around for long. Begin your adventure with the push of a button at any on-site Freestyle machine.

Celebrity Fizz

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