One of the characteristics that distinguishes a Disney Parks attraction is storytelling. When developing a new land or attraction, Walt Disney always challenged his Imagineers to create a unique story that guests could only experience at Disneyland, and to transport them into that story – an idea that has lived on at Disney parks around the world. This new Disney Parks Blog series will take us inside these stories – giving you the story behind each attraction and maybe even some details you haven’t noticed before.

Pirates of the Caribbean marked its 46th anniversary last month, and so, as one of the classic examples of original Disney Parks storytelling, it’s the perfect place to begin this series. And as the pirate skull warns: “Ye come seeking adventure and salty old pirates, aye? Sure ye’ve come to the proper place.”

The story begins …

After boarding a small boat at Lafitte’s Landing on the outskirts of New Orleans, you pass an old shack with an elderly man playing a banjo on his porch. The strums of the banjo are intended to give a feeling of isolation in this remote backwater area. Soon, your boat plunges down two waterfalls – the second taking you back in time.

You enter Dead Man’s Cove, where you meet pirates who died long ago and seem to be frozen in time. Your boat then journeys into the Ghostly Grotto, where you are transported further back in time to the days when the very pirates you met in Dead Man’s Cove are invading a small Caribbean seaport village in search of the town’s treasure and the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow. As you wind through the town, you find Captain Jack lurking around in search of the treasure himself. The boat passes an auction, where the pirates bid for a bride (go ahead – you know the line), as more pirates ransack every nook and cranny of the village just around the corner.

To escape the burning village, you float past the town jail and into the arsenal where pirates take target practice all around your boat, completely oblivious to the dangers all around them (including the barrels of gunpowder). When you find Captain Jack Sparrow at the town’s treasure vault, he offers you – his shipmates – a share of the booty (after he takes his cut … of course).

As you venture up the waterfall at the end of your voyage, you return to the time and place where your journey began, but with some words of warning in case you decide to visit again …

If you love the story of Pirates of the Caribbean as much as I do, let me know your favorite detail in the comments. Ye get bonus doubloons if ye leave yer comment in pirate speak, me hearties!

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The Magic of Disney Parks Storytelling: Pirates of the Caribbean by Erin Glover: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog

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