I have many friends and family who are teachers.  I know how much the spend out of their own pockets for our kids, aka their students.  I know in my little private school our teachers spend a lot of time in the classroom without getting paid.

Take Friday for  example.  My daughter’s 4th-grade teacher came up with a GREAT way to teach our 1st through 4th graders about the election.  They each had to sign up to be a registered voter.  Yesterday everyone made their very own voter registration card that they will have to present at the polling place on Monday in order to cast their vote for president.

The HP Instant Ink Program would have helped her greatly!  Her printer in her classroom ran out of ink so she had to change up the design of the voter registration card.  If she had this service she would have had the new ink all ready to go when the computer chimed low ink.

The program sends you new ink cartridges as you need them BEFORE you run out!  So in this case, we ran out of yellow but were full on the other colors.  The HP Instant Ink Program would have noticed and sent our teacher a new yellow cartridge to have at the ready when she was out.

So you want to learn more about this program you say.  Here are the details.

  • Purchase an eligible HP printer.  If you already own an HP printer, you can check to see if it is eligible when you sign up and skip this part of the process altogether.  You can find the HP printers at and big box electronics or office supply stores.  I am waiting for our old HP to die so I can justify buying a new one that will allow me to subscribe to this plan.
  • Decide on a printing plan that will meet your needs.  HP’s Instant Ink program allows subscribers to save time and money by delivering ink cartridges at a fraction of the cost of store-bought ink, right to your door. This program offers a month-to-month subscription and you can cancel anytime. Plans start as low as $2.99/month which can save subscribers TONS of money on ink.   The program offers 3 subscription options:


hp instant ink


  • Once you decide on a plan and sign up, your ink will be mailed to you.  When you purchase the printer, it will come with some starter ink, so you can get started right away, but your actual subscription will begin when you install the ink that is sent to you.  The cartridges will last, even the color has a long life span.


  • When your ink begins to get low, your compatible HP printer communicates low ink levels to HP (through the internet) so ink is delivered to your door before you run out.  That way, you won’t run out of ink in the middle of your work like our teacher did this week.



Want to save even more?  With the HP Instant Ink Refer-a-Friend program, you and the friend you refer receive a free month of ink. The best part is the amounts of referrals are unlimited!

I know my class parents and I have already been talking about Holiday gifts for the teachers.  We like to go together and buy our teachers something they really need for their classroom versus yet another gift card.  When I opened my email this morning and read about this program I immediately knew what I was going to suggest for our teacher!  A subscription to HP Instant Ink and a link to the MyPrintly website so she can see some great DIY crafts, printables, and inspiration, perfect for the classroom or home.

Curious about  getting or giving your own HP Instant Ink subscription service mentioned above? You should be! To receive one free month of ink, sign up here. Once you try it, I know you’ll love it! After signing up, be sure to share your own Refer-a-Friend link to earn even more free ink!