It’s official! Fairy Tale Treasures, one of the enchanting locations at Fantasy Faire in Disneyland park, will open its doors March 12. You’ll find this quaint little store filled with costumes, accessories and endless storytelling, themed to our beloved Disney Princesses. This location, with its royal Old-World European charm and medieval ambiance can be found nestled between the Royal Theatre and the Royal Hall.

Now here’s what I consider one of the fun and kind of hidden secrets about the shop, and I expect all of you to look for it. You’ll find an acorn hidden in the sign shaped as a treasure chest and filled with baubles and beads that hangs above the doorway. Why, you ask? Well I just happen to have that answer from Michel Den Dulk, Creative Director, Walt Disney Imagineering.

“I was inspired by several of our classic fairy tale films like ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ where woodland creatures, critters and birds interact with humans to help make clothes or help dress someone”, says Michel. “For those critters and creatures, our human valuables, such as gold, diamonds, crowns, etc., probably don’t mean much, but a beautiful shiny acorn on the other hand, does. So we tied in the theme of a squirrel adoring the acorn as a treasure, which is something that was fun to create and also ended up being an underlying motif in the shop.”

What are you most excited to see when Fantasy Faire opens on March 12?

Sound the Trumpets! Fairy Tale Treasures Opens March 12 at Fantasy Faire in Disneyland Park by Michelle Harker: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog

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