Scooter and Stroller Rentals

We have partnered with Buena Vista Scooters to provide you with the best, most convenient choice of ECVs (commonly known as scooters) and strollers to rent while at Walt Disney World® Resort!

The Disney Parks do have scooters and strollers available to rent to their Guests, of course, but here at Your Magical Vacation we recommend renting from an offsite supplier like our friends at Buena Vista Scooters for one main reason: you can keep your “wheels” the entire time you’re on vacation, no matter where you go! Scooters and strollers rented at one of the parks are only available to the renter while he/she is in the park – they must be returned at the designated rental location before exiting. That may not seem like a big deal, but keep the following in mind:

  • The Walt Disney World® Resort is huge, which means lots of room for fun…and lots of walking, too. This isn’t just limited to inside the parks; you may face long walks to and from your room to a transportation drop-off/the parking lot, the transportation drop-off to the park gates, from your room to your resort’s dining establishments, and so on.
  • Not only are you or your little ones left walking, but carrying everything the scooter/stroller had been handling too! (Imagine that at the end of a long day…)
  • Speaking of carrying, say your little one (or more than one!) dozes off at the end of the night. An off-site rental assures you can let him/her stay in dreamland all the way back to your resort!

And unlike the rentals available at the parks, Buena Vista Scooters offers different model options so you can choose what’s most comfortable for you and your loved ones – one size doesn’t fit all, and now it doesn’t have to! Best of all, Buena Vista Scooters’ prices are so similar to daily rental fees at the parks that the peace of mind afforded to you by 24/7 comfort and availability is practically pocket change!

If you anticipate needing a scooter and/or stroller on your magical vacation, be sure to let Jennifer know and she’ll get it reserved for you!