About a month ago it was take your child to work day. My daughter, Riley, used to go to her dad’s office for their big event. He got a new job this year and they don’t have activities.  I was just going to send her to school but her teacher has another idea.

Your mom works from home as a Blogger and Travel Agent so stay home and work with her for the day. LOL The joys of attending a small private school.

So Riley stayed home and we got up our usual time for school and got to work. She came down to the office and set herself up at the desk. She wrote the following blog that morning and then helped make a few social media posts for me that we scheduled. I have not edited her post other than to fix misspellings and add photos.

This is yet another reason why I love my job! I get to spend time with my daughter and help teach her about life first hand.

#1- big thunder mountain – I love thunder mountain because the cart hits me around and there is a tnt box on your way out that you can make it blow up. (it shoots water)

#2- barnstormer -I love barnstormer because in the beginning of the ride it has a big drop.(the drop is slanted and it has a curve at the end)

#3- splash mountain – I love splash mountain because there are little drops in the beginning to get you ready for the huge DROP.(the drop is 52 and a half feet and is at a 45 degree angle and the cart goes 40 miles an hour) fun fact: the mountain is 87 feet tall!!

#4- expedition Everest – I love Everest because it takes you up in the Himalayas and when you get to the top of the mountain the tracks are broke so it takes you backwards. Heads up: when you go in the mountain backwards you go really fast. So keep your head back on the seat.

#5 space mountain – I love space mountain because it feels like you are in space. Heads up: it goes really fast and you are completely in the dark.

Hight requirements

Big thunder mountain: 40 inches

Barnstormer: 35 inches

Splash mountain: 40 inches

Expedition Everest: 48 inches

Space mountain: 44 inches