I have to share a funny story about this.  When my daughter was 2 and we were planning her first trip to Disney we were discussing this at dinner one night with my parents who were also going on the trip.  My dad says but do you feel comfortable leaving her with a stranger?  We all stopped looked at him and said what?  He thought we swapped KIDS!!!!  We then had to explain the whole process to him again in between laughs.

If you’re traveling or considering traveling to Walt Disney World with small children, you may wonder how you’ll find the time to ride the attractions you want even though your children are too small.  Or how you can ride with your older child who is meets the requirements but have a younger one who’s not. 

With the Rider Swap you can both ride the attraction separately while only waiting in the stand-by line the first time. 
How it works: Both adults and the child not meeting the requirements simply walk up to the stand-by line and find the Cast Member in charge.  Tell them you’d like to take advantage of the Rider Swap.  They will ask where the child is and who is watching them.
They will then hand the person/people immediately loading the attraction a modified fast pass – allowing 3 riders to go into the fastpass line.  After the original riders exit the attraction, they hand the Rider Swap pass the person/people watching the children and then they can ride without waiting in the stand-by line.
**This option is allowed to be used with Fast Pass!**  If you plan correctly, you can both ride without any lines!
Another perk – if you have one child old enough to ride, they can ride both times!  Once with you in the standby and then go back.
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