Royal Caribbean Cruise Carousel Ride

There is so much family fun on board the Royal Caribbean Cruise called the Oasis of the Sea.  This ship sets sail on adventures from Florida. The cruise port is less than an hour from the central Florida attractions, so you can easily combine a cruise with your family theme park vacation.  The Jones Family Travels recently cruised this ship.  Here’s a vlog about the carousel.

One of our favorite family activities aboard Oasis of the seas is the carousel on the Boardwalk. Take a ride with us here:

There is so much to do on a Royal Caribbean cruise! Explorer, adventurers, daredevils: this is the vacation for you. Learn to surf far above the waves, climb higher than ever on the rock wall, and even ice skate your way across the Caribbean. And there’s always time for some downtime at the spa and pool!

What if your favorite vacation activity?

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