I can’t believe that the end of the school year is here.  It makes me sad knowing today was the last day my boy will be in preschool.  He is growing up too too fast!  He had the best teachers ever and he wanted to make them each some thank-you gifts.  These are a perfect end-of-the-year teacher gift (or would be great for Mother’s Day as well).

Being the outdoor kinda kid that my boy is, he wanted to give them plants.  He decided to grow them some assorted herbs.  And during a trip to the nursery, my girly girl decided to buy flowers for hers.

To make it a more personal gift, we decided to make the “pots” to put them in.  I like projects that:

  1. Use items I already have (especially ones from my recycling bin)
    2.  Are easy enough that my young children can do them by themselves
    3.  Are quick enough to hold the attention span of a 2-year-old

This met all my requirements.

So for the pots, we dug out some soup cans and painted them.  I decided to spray paint them white to make the colors show better and to prime the metal.  My son decorated with paint and my daughter with permanent markers.

I think they turned out cute, and I’m sure the teachers will appreciate the thought that the kids put into the gifts.


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