Before you know it it will be Valentine’s Day!!  Every year we try to do something different for our cards that we hand out to our class friends.  This post is from a few years ago but still a goodie and we may actually recycle the idea.
Today we made Valentine’s for my son’s preschool class, and I have to say, I think they turned out super cute.  I wanted bright, fun cards, and I think we accomplished that.
For the card, I gathered up a bunch of paper paint swatches that I had been collecting each time we repaint a room (because of coarse I didn’t throw them away when I was done).  I took two cards and glued them together, pretty sides out.  I started using hot glue but found that spray adhesive worked better.  It gave a smoother finish.  And since it drys slower than hot glue, it gave me a chance to move the cards around until the were lined up correctly.
After they dried, I put them on the cutting board and cut off the part of the card that told what color the swatch was. That left me with a double-sided color card with nothing on either side. I then took my permanent marker and wrote Valentine greetings on one side, signed my son’s name, and left the other side for monster-making.

So, next, I gathered up some sticky-backed googly eyes and stickers.  For the mouth, I found some sticky-backed red craft foam and cut mouths of all shapes and sizes.  I put all the different supplies in piles on the table and let my son go crazy decorating the cards.  He got soo into making these monsters!

Once he was finished, we cut some yarn and glued it to the monster heads.  And of coarse, we made some with mustaches.  To attach the yarn, I used a decoupage glue so that my son could put the yarn on without burning himself.
And there ya go!!
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