Nine Dragons is located at Epcot® at China in the World Showcase. While there are many a la carte items and entrees offered, Nine Dragons’ diners also have the option of getting a Nine Dragons Family Dinner Set.  Each guest would choose a soup, entrée and dessert from three options (for each). There is also a lunch box option, but it differs in that you get bread with a choice between two entrees.

We chose the Chicken Consomme with Pork Dumplings for our soup (over the Hot and Sour Soup). For our entrées, one of us ordered the Honey-Sesame Chicken and the other the Canton Pepper Beef so we could get a sample of each. (Currently there is also Sweet and Sour Pork as well.) As you can see they were definitely nicely-sized portions – not to mention tasty, too! Finally for our dessert we enjoyed the Strawberry Red Bean Ice Cream (currently your other choice is Caramel Ginger Ice Cream).

Again, there are many other options to chose from, but we decided to go with this option so we’d get to try lots of Nine Dragons’ offerings at once! It’s also very reasonably priced at less than $24/adult diner (before tax)! Please note that menus do change so options may not remain the same – but if they do, I’d recommend anything we ordered!


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