We all have the pictures of us just standing with the characters that you meet in the parks.  After your 5th picture they all start to look the same.  You can change things up by asking them to pose a certain way or asking them a question.

In 2009 we were the final people in line to meet Aladdin and Jasmine  and my daughter really didn’t want anything to do with Al.  She kept hanging on Jasmine and hugging her.  Since no one was behind us they took plenty of time to chat with her.  Eventually Jasmine said she just LOVED my daughter and gave her a huge kiss on her cheek.  My daughter proudly wore that red lipstick the rest of the day!


A friend of ours went to Disney at Christmas with her family. Her brother asked each princess if he could kiss her hand.  If a Prince was there he had to ask permission from the Prince.  The pictures ended up priceless!  My fave is Tina and Prince Naveen!


They also went to Art of Animation and took pictures there.  I think Russ’s Aunt got him in trouble!


Here are some more shots they took while on their trip!  I want to vacation with this family they have so much fun!


Some of my favorite pictures are the candid shots!


Here are some questions you can ask the characters to get a silly response.

Ariel Ask Ariel if you can become a mermaid
Army man Ask Green Army to march with you then pose with a great salute
Aurora Ask Aurora if she likes to takes naps
Belle Ask Belle for a book recommendation
Bele Tell Belle that Beast is very big and scary
Buzz Tell Buzz he is a toy…a  T. O. Y. toy!
Buzz Ask Buzz if you can push his reset button
Buzz Ask Buzz to go into Latin mode
Captain Hook Stand behind Captain Hook and go tick tock, tick tock or call him a codfish
Chip/Dale Ask them which one is Alvin and which one is Simon.  Ask where Theodore is at.
Daisy Propose marriage to Daisy or ask for a kiss
Donald Ask Donald why he doesn’t have as much stuff in the parks as Mickey
Donald Ask Donald why he doesn’t wear pants
Donald Tell Donald you like his performance in the Aflac commercials
Eeyore Ask Eeyore where his tail is
Eeyore Tell Eeyore “I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you there”
Goofy Ask Goofy if he’s ever taken Pluto for a walk
Lady Tremaine Ask Step Mother which daughter is her favorite
Mary Poppins Tell Mary Poppins that you heard only Mary Poppins can say   “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” backwards
Minnie Ask Minnie if Mickey has given her a ring yet
Peter Pan Greet him with a loud “Cock a doodle doo”
Piglet Ask him if he would like a sausage biscuit or BLT
Pluto Tell Pluto he should get a never-ending supply of dog bones
Pooh Ask Pooh why he doesn’t wear pants
Pooh Ask Pooh where you can locate some honey because you have a rumbly in your tummy
Princesses Complement Princesses on their dresses
Rafiki Bring a Simba plush.  He’ll lift it up like in the movie
Snow White Give Snow White an apple
Step Sister Ask one of Cinderella’s Step Sisters to sing
Step Sister Ask the Step Sisters which is the pretty one
Step Sister Offer your son to marry one of them
Stitch Ask him what his badness level is
Thumper Tell Thumper to stay out of your flower beds
Tigger Tell Tigger you can bounce higher than him
Woody Ask Woody if Andy’s name is on the bottom of his boot


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