Napping isn’t just for babies and toddlers.  I am all about taking a nap!  Pretty much every Sunday afternoon I take a nap.  It’s just a given.  I kinda feel it refreshes me completely from the previous week and get me ready to tackle the upcoming week.  I actually felt so tired yesterday from burning the midnight oil I took a quick 20-minute nap to refresh myself before I went to pick my daughter up from school.

When we travel I usually nap in the afternoon.  Getting up early going to bed late all the walking and activity just wears me down.  I take a nap and usually my daughter takes one with me.  It sometimes takes a bit to get her to settle but when she does she crashes hard.

Both she and I are LONG nappers.  Some people feel if they nap they wake up groggy.  I’m different.  I’m on with 20 minutes to 30 and over 2 hours.  Anything in between I’m groggy.  I am a known plane and car sleeper.

Here’s a chart from with the science behind the nap.  Aside from making the perfect mattress, they also have great tips on taking the perfect nap.  Monday, March 14, 2016, is National Napping Day.  So let’s celebrate by taking a nap over the weekend or even Monday since we will be losing an hour of sleep from the time change on Sunday.


How about you, are you a napper?


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