EPCOT Illuminations

There is not exactly a “better or worse” kind of comparison between just one or two areas.

In fact, there are so many places to view IllumiNations at Epcot’s World Showcase 
that are wonderful in their own way that its futile to try to list them… so I will. 

• Bridge between UK and France
• Near the twin gift shops at the entrance to WS from FW
• Norway area
• Upper level (outside front terrace) of the Matsu No Ma Lounge in Japan
• Italy, near the Gondolas
• Mexico, at the new Cantina
• Mexico, bridge to the right of the Cantina (as you face the lagoon.)
• UK, the Rose & Crown outdoor dining area (ressies required.)
• UK, just to the left of the Rose & Crown (as you face the lagoon.)
• Many, many more great spots.

Be sure to avoid any tree branches that block your overhead view, 
and watch out for any “islands” in the water 
that block your view of the “center” of the lagoon.

Best Tip:
Don’t stand down-wind of the fireworks.
Their SMOKE will ruin the show.
So, if the wind is blowing into your face as you look towards the Lagoon, you are in the wrong spot.