With Disney Cruise Line’s return to Alaska just three months away, and now that we’ve announced another summer season there in 2014, I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about family-friendly Port Adventures on this popular itinerary.

Just like I did for the Disney Magic’s summer season in Europe, today I want to tell you about shore excursions that have exclusive youth activities for the Disney Wonder’s summer season in Alaska.

Totems, Exclusive Lumberjack Show and Potlatch Park Featuring Exclusive Youth Activity – Not only will families experience the exciting competition of the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show on this adventure from Ketchikan, they’ll also learn about the culture of Alaska’s natives, including the art form of totem carving, at a recreated settlement. Here kids have the chance to join Disney Cruise Line youth counselors and paint their very own wooden feather, which will be later added to a totem pole designed specifically for Disney Cruise Line guests.
Family Adventures with Disney Cruise Line in Alaska

White Pass Scenic Railway Featuring Exclusive Youth Activity – Since one of the family favorites from Skagway is a vintage rail car through the breathtaking White Pass summit, we dedicated a portion of this tour that allows parents to relax with a glass of champagne while kids expel energy in their own rail car. Under the supervision of local staff and joined by Disney Cruise Line youth counselors, they enjoy sing alongs, games, activities and stories of the gold rush…without anyone reminding them to use their “inside voices!”

Here’s a video to give you a better idea what this experience is all about…

As you’re planning your Alaskan adventures for this summer, which Port Adventures seem best for your family?

Family Adventures with Disney Cruise Line in Alaska by Arnaldo Zanonato: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog

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