For our trip in October if my daughter turned in a report or did a slideshow presentation she could  have her absences from our Disney vacation excused as educational.  I immediately knew what I was going to do!  I redesigned her World Showcase Passport to ask questions about each country and where the Cast Members come from.

It was a great educational experience for her and a great ice breaker.  It forced her to actually talk to the Cast Member at the KidCot Station.  Most Cast Members loved it because it was something different from the normal passport they stamp and write in each day.  They also loved talking about their hometown, village, or city.


Many friends have commented that I needed to sell my passports so I am doing just that!  I have created the exact same passport that you can purchase and print yourself.  I printed ours as 5×7 and precut paper and then printed on two sides.  You don’t have to print two sided but it worked best for us.

Head over to my ETSY shop and order your file so you can print the same passport for your child.

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