How do you cultivate educational experiences for your children?

Last week on my Disney cruise, I was pleased to meet several parents who viewed their trip as not just a vacation but also as a learning opportunity for their children. Whether it was an authentic cultural experience on a Port Adventure, or an educational craft in a youth club, these parents sought out how to expand their children’s knowledge and understanding of the world through a family vacation.

Not surprisingly, families are doing the same thing with Adventures by Disney trips. In this video, which was first shared on the Disney Post, Director of Trip Development Heather Killingbeck explains how Adventures by Disney creates immersive itineraries that engage, excite and educate families.

Do you agree with Heather’s perspective on travel? What are some of the ways you use real-world experiences to teach your children outside the classroom?

Educational Experiences With Adventures by Disney by Holly Lail: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog