My family and I make a yearly trip during the Christmas season to Dutch Wonderland for their Winter Wonderland celebration.  If you have never heard of it, Dutch Wonderland is an amusement park in Lancaster, PA geared towards younger kids. It’s great for a day trip or even a weekend getaway.

My kids dressed as their favorite DW characters (costumes by

My kids dressed as their favorite DW characters (costumes by

I would say the park is best for 9 and under.  And this is what makes it amazing!  At 4 and 7, my girls are super daredevils when it comes to rides. However, they are not generally tall enough for the rides they want to ride. There is nothing worse than having to tell them “No you aren’t tall enough for that ride”.  But at Dutch Wonderland, I don’t have to say no. They are tall enough for any ride in the park (usually alone, sometimes with an adult). This makes life so much more enjoyable for them and us!

My mini-princess driving on the speedway


In addition to the rides, they feature lots of cute year round exhibits that teach about the life of the Amish. 


There are child-size houses and other buildings to play in, animated dolls showing life of the Amish, and all kinds of other fun little stuff.


Dutch Wonderland has special events for different holidays, and their Christmas event is quite exciting!

Named Winter Wonderland, their celebration for Christmas runs the end of November thru the beginning of January. The entire park is covered in Christmas lights galore!  There is a dancing light show that takes place throughout the day. Oh and best part of cold weather: Smores!!  You can purchase a Smores kit (which includes a stick) and roast your own!!

And speaking of food, check out these bacon cheese fries.  They do NOT taste like “park-food”.  They are amazing!!  And the portion sizes of the food are great. Check out the basket of fries!  There were 4 chicken tenders in this order, but….  they didn’t last long.

Ok, I was temporarily sidetracked by food, but I’m back.

Like other parks, Dutch Wonderland has its own characters representing the park. Princess Brook, Brandon the Knight of Safety, Merlin, and Duke the Dragon can be found walking around looking to meet new friends throughout the day. In addition, they have their own shows which vary throughout the year. Princess Brook has two shows daily in which she reads a book to the children as they sit around her. And she stresses the importance of reading. Such a great idea!

For Christmas, there are also other shows, including this elf show complete with singing and dancing. This particular duo is trying to plan the perfect party for Mrs. Claus.

The best part about the shows is there is always enough room no matter how late you show up.  You don’t have to line up hours before or fight for your child to be able to see. The kids just head right to the front, and anytime we have ever went, there is always plenty of space for everyone.

Winter Wonderland runs from the end of November to the beginning of January. If you are looking for a last minute gift for the family, I suggest tickets to check out Dutch Wonderland.  Use our special promocode when ordering your tickets!  promocode= YourMagicalVacationBlog16



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