Planning a Disney vacation can be a daunting task! With advance planning and these tips, you can have the best Disney vacation ever!

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Decide when to go

A little online research or the help of a Travel Agent can help you choose the best time of year to visit. You can always check out my Disney Crowd Calendar to see what the predicted crowds are thought to be.  Of course, your vacation schedule may depend on work or school but pick a less-crowded season if at all possible. Plan to stay as long as your budget will allow.


Decide where to stay

The benefits of staying at a Disney Resort are endless! By choosing a Deluxe Resort, you’ll be closer to the parks and enjoy more amenities. If you select a Moderate or Value Resort, you may be able to stay longer and still be able to enjoy all the perks of staying onsite. By building some ‘down time’ into the trip, you can enjoy the pool and other amenities of your resort.


Learn about the parks before you leave home

Make yourself familiar with the layout of the park by looking at the maps on the My Disney Experience website and App.  Or, invest in a current travel guide from the bookstore. You’ll save valuable park time by knowing in advance where you’re going and how to get there.


Start your packing list early

While you don’t need to take the ‘kitchen sink’, there are things you will need to carry along. By making a list, you will be certain to have important things like your phone charger, sunscreen, and ponchos when you need them.  Trust me, you’ll need them! Here’s my ultimate packing list that I use every year.


Condition your body

A complaint I often hear from guests is how much their feet hurt from so much walking.  Start a walking regimen before leaving home and your body will thank you.  Be sure to take your most comfortable shoes along – don’t buy new ones for the occasion!  Last year I wore my FitBit and being a seasoned visitor knowing where we wanted to go we walked on average 7 miles a day.  Can you imagine what it would be if we didn’t know where we were going and may of backtracked?!


Have realistic expectations

While it’s important to make advance reservations for dining and attractions, allow enough flexibility for spur of the moment entertainment, meltdowns, and bathroom breaks.  You’ve spent a year planning this trip, but little magical moments will happen and throw your timeline off.  Let them happen!  That’s what this trip is all about! Making magical memories with your family.


Be sure to check my timeline below to make sure you don’t miss an important deadline.  Most importantly, realize that you just can’t do it all… this time!

Disney Reservations


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