As we’ve learned already from Michel Den Dulk, Creative Director, Walt Disney Imagineering, the new Fantasy Faire at Disneyland park is designed to reflect the Gothic, Old-World feeling that guests experience in Fantasyland. In addition to the influence seen in the area’s architecture, Imagineers have imbued the entire area with the same Old-World charm through details like Clopin’s Music Box – an interactive element guests will discover at Fantasy Faire.

“It’s really like a very big music box,” says Michel. “When guests peek inside the window, they will see a scene that has our main character, Clopin from Disney’s ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ inside.” By turning a crank on the front of the music box, guests will set the scene in motion to the tune of “Topsy Turvy.”

“The whole scene comes to life,” says Michel. “Clopin starts to dance, and Quasimodo will peak out of the bell tower on Notre Dame Cathedral … the sun will go down, and the moon will go up.”

Keep an eye on the Disney Parks Blog for more details on Fantasy Faire – and come see it for yourself when the new area opens at Disneyland park on March 12.

Clopin’s Music Box Adds to Old-World Charm of Fantasy Faire at Disneyland Park by Erin Glover: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog

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