Here is the deal:  I am not a princess kind of girl (obviously this is Melissa writing, not Jenn).  Don’t get me wrong; I love Disney movies like anyone else.  But I lean more towards the non-princess ones.  That being said, the original Cars is probably one of my favorites.  My husband and I went on a date to see the movie before we ever had kids.  Then once my son was born the next year, he and I watched it 10,000 times… give or take a 1,000.

And then Cars 2 came out and we were so excited.  However, Cars 2 steered away from the original Cars movie and into a completely different world of racing.  We left the drive-in slightly disappointed.  We never watched Cars 2 again.

So when I started seeing trailers for Cars 3, I had mixed emotions.  I was excited to see Lightening McQueen and his friends again, but wondered if it would continue along the path that lead us away from the original theme:  Nascar, down-home friends, racing traditions, learning from the past, etc.  But I figured, how could we not watch this movie?

And guess what.  I’m soooooo glad we did!!  Cars 3 is the movie that should have followed Cars.  It continues the story of Lightening McQueen and his racing roots.  Much like tractor tipping with Mater, Lightening McQueen has some small town fun, this time in the form of figure 8 dirt track racing.

Fearing he can’t contend with the New Generation of racers, McQueen has to learn some new moves so he isn’t forced to retire from racing early.

The movie shows how McQueen can be a racer of yesterday to contend with the racers of today while using good ol fashion know-how from the racers of yesteryear.  Lightening McQueen calls on Doc Hudson’s old friends to help him become a better racer.  And in doing so, he learned a little more about his relationship with Doc Hudson and realized that they were more alike than he ever knew.

Ahhhh!!  This was such a satisfying next chapter in the Cars story.

The breakdown:  If you loved Cars, you must see Cars 3!  It is the movie we have been waiting for since 2006.