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Already Have A Trip Booked?


FREE Disney Gift Card and my services at no cost to you!

disney gift card mickeyI realize many of you find me after you have already booked your vacation directly with Disney.Do not to worry!The good news is that if you’ve booked your vacation directly through Disney within the last 30 days and are not paid in full, you can transfer your reservation to me for FREE and receive all the same amazing benefits as if you had originally booked it through me.  

NOTHING changes about your vacation – not your cost, not your reservation number, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!  The one thing that will change is that you will receive top-notch service and free gifts…all at no cost to you and you will receive a free Disney Gift Card to spend during your vacation.What’s exciting is that once your trip is transferred I begin to check on a daily basis to make sure your vacation is booked at the best available price!

I closely monitor for future discounts that may save you money, even after your trip is booked!  Should a promotion/discount be announced that you can take advantage of, I will automatically apply the savings to your existing reservation!

There’s no reason not to take full advantage of all of our FREE concierge services?

I’m always a mere phone call or email away – even while you are on your vacation. Personal touch is what has earned me referral after referral of very satisfied clients.

Contact me today to learn more and ask any questions related to a transferring your vacation!




Frequently Asked Questions on Transfer Reservations


How Much is the Disney Gift Card? 

The amount of the free Disney Gift Card varies based on your Disney World package total. (Not including airfare)   

  • $2500 – $2999 / Free $40 Disney Gift Card
  • $3000 – $3500 / Free $50 Disney Gift Card
  • $3501 – $3999 / Free $60 Disney Gift Card
  • $4000 – $4500 / Free $75 Disney Gift Card
  • $4501 – $4999 / Free $90 Disney Gift Card
  • $5000 and up / Free $100 Disney Gift Card


  •  How Do I Add You As My Agent On A Disney Reservation? will email you a form that you sign and fax to Disney.  It takes about 3 business days for Disney to add us to the reservation.  Your package stays exactly the same, Disney only adds my name as the agency helping you plan your vacation.  I will then mail you a Disney World Planning Pack, including your free Disney Gift Card as a thank you!
  • Does Anything Change on My Reservation? Everything on your reservation stays exactly the same.  The only change is my name is added to your reservation.
  • Can I Add You To a Reservation Made With Another Travel Agent or AAA?As an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, Disney allows me to take over a reservation because Disney knows I will take exceptional care of their guests.  My guests are much happier and better prepared for their vacation than a guest that books directly with Disney!  For this reason, Disney allows me to take over your reservation.
    • As a professional courtesy, I do not take over travel agent bookings.  Travel Agents are not paid and only make money on commissions from the destination.  If you have been working with a travel agent, they worked hard to help you plan your trip so I do not take over bookings from fellow travel agents.
  • Are There Fees to Add You to My Disney Reservation? There are no fees to transfer your reservation to me. Disney pays me directly to take over your reservation.  You only get excellent service and some free gifts for transferring your reservation to me!
  • When Do I Get My Disney Gift Card? Once you are paid in full, you will receive your Disney Gift Card with your final package documents.  If you are arriving soon and have already received your package documents, I will immediately mail you the Disney Gift Card or have it waiting for you at check in.  


Why Add Jennifer To Your Disney Vacation?

Save Money – Add me to your Disney reservation and receive a FREE Disney Gift Card! I also help you save money (even after you booked your vacation) with discount watching.  If a better discount comes along after you booked, I will let you know about.  Imagine saving money after you bought and paid for your vacation – it happens all of the time with my guests!
  • Save Time – My guests save up to 4 hours a day in line at the Orlando Theme Parks!  What is your time worth? Imagine your own personal assistant to help make your vacation more magical with itinerary planning (valued at $149), dining suggestions/dining reservations (valued at $60), driving directions, and much more.  I help you with all of the details to plan your vacation and all for FREE!
  • Extra Magic – Only with me can you make those magical moments happen with personalized pictures of Mickey Mouse for your kids, Disney Theme Park Guide Maps (right from the parks), itinerary planning, Orlando MagicCards (with hundreds of dollars in savings around Orlando), and much more with your Disney World Package.  This is only magic that I offer my guests!


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